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Agile Engagement

There’s more to engagement than a simple measure of engaged vs disengaged. Understanding engagement in all of its forms is a critical skill for leaders and businesses. With negligible gains made in the last ten years, has the business world gone as far as it can with engagement? Or is there still work to be done and benefits to be had?

I believe the future workplace is one which enables every employee to be able to contribute to something they care about, be that a product, service, vision or even their workgroup; in the process of becoming a better version of themselves. The critical key to this is leaders at all levels being as engaged and interested with their people as they expect their people to be with ‘the business’; valuing your ‘people’ as highly as profit, growth and productivity.

My work with organisations helps them to better understand the non-binary, and continuously evolving nature of engagement in the workplace. Using this deeper understanding businesses and leaders can stop wasting time and effort on futile sheep-dip communications and better target their engagement efforts at key audiences, to deliver more bang for your buck!

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