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The art of delivering difficult messages

How do you feel about taking action when tension arises within your team?

How do you deliver bad news to your teams?

How do you let your bosses know that there’s a problem?

Anyone can lead when everything is going to plan. One of the joys of leadership is helping and seeing your people rise, grow and develop around you and to be able to support and encourage that. BUT…what happens when that’s not the case? What do you do when tensions and conflict surface? When misunderstandings and confusion occur? When people behave unexpectedly? When people let you down?

Leading is never a straightforward process, mistakes and wrong-turns are inevitable…that’s why we need leaders. So why is it that so many leaders struggle with delivering difficult messages and holding people accountable for their commitments and actions?

Courageous conversations explores why we are hard-wired to avoid delivering bad news and how leaders can better prepare for and deliver difficult messages to anyone, at any time about anything.

Why you need a coach, but probably don't want one

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