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What you need to know about culture. (13:25)

Culture is no accident. So what are the simple actions we all can take to make a positive and sustainable shift in our organisational culture?

In this longer session Steve expands on his ideas and offers simple actions to measure and improve focus on culture.

How to measure culture without a survey. (6:02)

In this session Steve shares his thoughts on what culture IS and what it ISN'T, along with a simple Cultural Barometer and three things everyone can do to improve culture in their workplace.

Successful Empowerment. (3:43)

Remember EMPOWERMENT? Once the darling buzzword of leaders, we don't hear it so much now...although it still exists. This short video details what you can do to create a greater sense of empowerment with your team.

The people agenda for Operational Managers. (4:48)

In this session I want to share a tool I created with some Operational Managers who were feeling 'hijacked' by the people agenda in their workplace.

How to put the people agenda in to action. (3:43)

Do you ever feel daunted or overwhelmed by new initiatives, strategies and projects? Do they feel like an unwelcome bolt-on to an already full diary?

How to put the People Agenda into Action demonstrates the logical sequence of the hot 'people' initiatives and offers a tool to help you identify what to focus on first and most importantly what those vital first actions and steps should be.

Improve connection and understanding in your communicaton. (4:48)

Why have SD when you can enjoy UHD? Do you want to accelerate Trust, Strengthen relationships and reduce conflict within your team?

Create better connection, deeper understanding and more shared perspective by incorporating three simple elements to your team communicating.

How to measure learning and development. (2:37)

How do you measure the success of Learning ^& Development...and more importantly, how does your business measure the success of L&D.

You may be measured in any number of ways but here are the ONLY two you need to focus on.

How to accelerate accountability. (7:28)

I'm sharing my five tips to raising the bar on Responsibility and Accountability in your workplace. By tackling some common errors I see, you'll be in a great place to get even more Responsible actions and committed accountability...whatever your business.

Understanding responsibility and accountability. (2:09)

I was asked this week to explain the difference between Responsibility and Accountability.

We often get mixed messages about these two terms...especially when we're setting out expectations.

Here's how I define them.

Why you need a coach... but probably don't want one. (5:47)

Do you have an important goal? Have you considered getting a coach? Have you felt conflicted, confused or doubtful that you need a coach?

That's perfectly normal. Here's why you NEED a coach and why you 'probably' don't want one

The secret of successful change. (4:48)

What's the key to achieving successful change?

Take the first step.

How to engage your perfect development partner. (15:37)

In this session I talk about how to break free from the labels of coaching, and mentoring and to engage your perfect development partner.

This isn't something we do regularly and it can be easy to get lost or misdirected by clever marketing. So, if you're going to do it, you might as well do it right.

How to stop ruminating and start reflecting. (5:32)

Do you find yourself saying "I need to reflect on that"?

Are you disengaging to reflect or to ruminate?

Reflection is a learned skill which requires humility, vulnerability and PRACTICE...without this, you'll just ruminate.

Stop Starting... Start Stopping (2:56)

Your most significant challenge may not be getting may be to stop doing things that sap your time or work against you.

The successful first 30 days (3:27)

New role? New start?

Busy may have gotten you promoted, but is that the best start you can make in your new role?

Your new team will be more interested in HOW YOU ARE than what you do. Before you create your 30 (or 90) day 'To Do' list, how about a 'To Be' list?

Meetings, bloody Meetings! (8:20)

Meetings can rule your diary, so how do you escape the the trap of unproductive, uninspiring meetings and squeeze the most from your valuable meeting time?

How to create a better first impression. (8:20)

How do I make a better first impression Steve?

I've been asked this a lot in my work, and it seems that somewhere we got duped by 'elevator pitches' and 'USP Propositions'.

I cannot remember being in an elevator and asked to give a pitch, nor have I ever been asked about my USP. What I have found successful is showing interest in THEM rather than pushing yourself into the conversation.

How to give your meetings purpose. (7:04)

What is our purpose?

We've all left meetings feeling, misaligned and misunderstood. Without a clear and understood purpose, everything becomes a priority and alignment is impossible.

The purpose of meetings is not simply to share information. It has to be to make decisions and drive actions that impact the business.

Here's a simple way to create clear and impactful PURPOSE to your meetings.

How to increase understanding. (3:32)

Do you find that people often misinterpret what you're saying or get the wrong idea?

A useful technique is to get clear on your intention and state it at the outset.

Here are three questions to help you do that.

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