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A new approach for a new business environment

For far too long, businesses have been investing in learning and development solutions which fall some way short of expectation. Yes, they look, sound and feel like ‘training’, but do they really deliver a tangible difference to your workplace?

We’ve all enjoyed a development session, grabbed loads of materials and returned to work energised and bursting with ideas…only to be quickly deflated by the enormity of our actions and our enthusiasm extinguished by the weight of ’business as usual’.

Its time for development to support your business. Everyone is ‘busy’ so when you make the investment in time and cash to undertake development, you want to feel confident that improvements will be made back in the workplace.

My work puts your people at the heart of every project. I create and deliver learning solutions which are tailored to your people and your business. By applying the best learning in neuroscience and behavioural change, my programmes focus relentlessly on Effective and Affective learning.

Effective Learning

Within the design and delivery of every learning event, I ensure measurable and tangible actions can be taken by my cohorts to put their learning into ACTION back in the workplace

Affective Learning

Beyond the learning event I support learners to create strategies which help them embed their learning into sustainable practices (good habits) which impact business results as well as those who work alongside them.

The four big challenges that my solutions tackle:

Drain on resources

Organising training, creating the time to attend, 'back-filling' the day job to allow time away from work…are a huge drain on an already stretched resource pool.

I work with you to create programmes which compliment and work with the natural rhythms of your business. Blending on-line events with live sessions, self-study with cohort mentoring, I build a drumbeat of contact, input and support which makes learning a continuous business process rather than an annual event.

Based in theory

Most development programmes are hugely theoretical; either based on previously published strategies or centred around licensed frameworks or success models. Learners return to work with a manual, slide deck and a new lexicon, but often struggle translating the theory in their real-world environment.

My focus is on translating theory and models into tangible actions. Wherever possible, I use learner’s real-life examples to help them understand the hidden theory or science within their challenge and then work with them to translate that into simple and deployable tactics.

Little or no application back in role

“The heaviest weight in the gym is the front door” - Far too many learners struggle with those all important first steps to putting their learning into practice. What works in the classroom, can often get derailed at the first attempt when returning to work.

I work with your business to help you create an environment which encourages and enables learners to deliberately practice new skills and learning. To foster a culture of positive reinforcement for effort and progress on the path to mastery.

Rarely sustainable

Behavioural change is tough. Let’s face it, you’ve been doing what you do, the way you do it for quite a while now, so changing that in any way is going to be uncomfortable, challenging and frustrating…three things we all naturally avoid where possible, or use as permission to quit.

I support you and your learners to understand the toll that perfectionism, expectations of the business and the inevitable daily challenges of changing life-long habits can have upon them and their development. Working together we create strategies to remain resilient and committed at the most testing of times.

So if you like the sound of more Effective and Affective development, or you’d like to explore how I can help you to

Get more value from your investment

Shift from theory to action

Experience greater transfer to the workplace

Benefit from sustainable behavioural change

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