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I partner with you to design and deliver learning events and solutions which are:


Learners take tangible action to put their learning into practice back in the workplace.


Those sustained actions deliver measurable, positive results to your business.

My approach is based entirely upon...

Why you need a coach, but probably don't want one


I work in partnership with your business.

I get to know you, your people and your environment to ensure my programmes work in harmony with your unique nature and culture.

Steve Marriott Personal Coaching


What you see is what you get. I am passionate about the work I do and the people I work with.

As a committed Learning Monster, I never advocate practices I haven’t researched or gained benefit from.

Why you need a coach, but probably don't want one


There is no magic pill.
One-size-fits-all solutions give you one result…zero action. I facilitate deep conversations with learners to help them find the right tool or solution for them. I believe that’s the only way to deliver real results in the workplace.

What I do

I believe we all have an element of genius within us that we want to deliver even more of in our work.

The fact that you’re reading this tells me that you’re interested in unleashing more of your own potential of that of someone else in your workplace.

Why you need a coach, but probably don't want one

I enable people to unlock more of their potential by helping them to better understand their thoughts, feelings and actions.

Using the very best of neuroscience and behavioural development we work together to create new strategies and habits to raise the bar on their performance.

I work in partnership with businesses & individuals to

Why you need a coach, but probably don't want one

Develop Leadership Capability

Its time to leave historic leadership styles where they belong…in the past. Your business needs leadership that is agile, creative, fast moving and human. I create programmes which develop those qualities by enabling your people to recognise and develop their natural leadership strengths to inspire and bring out the very best in those they lead.

Increase Engagement

Increase Engagement

Engagement is a two-way relationship, not the product of a survey or gimmick. Genuine, sustainable engagement can only be achieved through high quality relationships at all levels of your business. I help you reconnect with your people to be as engaged with them as you want them to be with your business.

Transform Culture

Transform Culture

Culture is more than a statement on a poster. It begins with behaviours and results in an experience. What is it like to work in your organisation? As an employee, what is my daily experience? How does it ‘feel’ to work here? I help you get beyond the statements and help you understand the real ‘employee experience’ of your organisation.

I also provide skills based training in

Presenting and Public Speaking

Presenting and Public Speaking

Communication is now an essential leadership skill. In a hybrid working environment, your ability to deliver messages clearly, memorably and to compel action may be your ONLY tactic. From 1:1 conversations to large audience presentations, I help you design and deliver messages with confidence, clarity and credibility.

Mind Aligned Training

Mind-Aligned Training Techniques

Our brains are literally wired to learn, so why does so little of what we see and hear in our training sessions materialise back in the workplace? I help learning professionals design and deliver learning events which work in harmony with our learning brains, enabling learners to put their new skills to work, faster and more sustainably than ever before.

Courageous Conversations

Courageous Conversations

Misunderstanding, frustration, poor performance, conflict are all inevitable when people work together. Real progress is only made by talking about these tough issues, and that does not have to be stressful or riddled with conflict. help leaders develop the mindset and skillset to be able to discuss any-thing, with any-one at any-time.

Executive Coaching

Beneath everything I do is coaching. I am at heart a coach and for those who would prefer a more focused, and personal approach I offer fully tailored executive coaching packages.

Whether your event is group learning or one-to-one, on-line or in-person, I create high-impact, results-focused experiences which engage, inspire and most importantly transfer back into the workplace.